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Mechanical Keyboards

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Oh... and the RGB.  Mustn't forget the RGB.
-wraith808 (August 20, 2018, 09:59 AM)
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I hate how colored LEDs in everything somehow makes it "gamer." >:( It's hard to buy decent computer equipment these days without it coming with garish lights all over it. I had hoped it was a fad when I first started seeing the LEDs in case fans, but it's only gotten much, much worse over the years. :(

Oh, don't start. I own a ROG Zephyrus M. The colors are the only reason why I dislike its hardware. Everything else is perfectly fine.

Yeah... it's one of the things I look for in order to steer away from boards, and one of the reasons I like QMK so much, as I can turn off some of the worst offenders.  I like a reasonable underlight; I've found that it helps me when the room is dark (which is most of the time unless I open a window).  But I don't like the more garish combinations.

I played a game on my Unicomp yesterday. No. Just no.

I did a thing with my hardware at work.  :-[


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