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FARR request: Explorer-like file dragdrop and paste on folder in results


Last request for now mouser, promise!  :)

Enable filedropping and filepasting onto folders in the FARR results. The idea is to mimic dropping and pasting behaviour from Explorer. Control+dragdrop would copy the file and regular dragdrop would move the file. As for paste if the clipboard file was ctrl+x'ed then move it, if ctrl+c'ed then copy it (note: I have no idea how feasible that is to detect though). Multiple files could be handled like in Explorer too.

Related, but in reverse, let shift and control be used to multiselect files in FARR results (again like Explorer) and dragdrop of multiselect would copy all selected files to the dropped on folder. Let ctrl+C on multiselected files in FARR put them all on the clipboard.


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