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a fine but time-stealing offer from BdJ


Deal of the Week: The Ultimate PC Bundle to Strengthen & Protect Your PC< is actually a really fine offer - which is why I sadly know the next: the time it will take to go through the various register for account / get key / register for app -procedures are so enormous you will get frustrated / annoyed and feel you are wasting your time! I kid you not, it took me a full hour to do all this - and I have still not had time to install any of it!!

I think  CCleaner Pro, Scrivener, Delta Walker, PhraseExpander and Focusky Pro all are making this a really fine offer, together they are fully worth the asking price ($40) - and then some! - and there are 5 more programs!

Be aware that Focusky Pro will downgrade in a year. Normal price per year is $99. $40 = a fine, bit time-stealing offer.


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