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Quick Capture Bar disapears Windows 10


I just love Screenshot Captor.  Great program.   I have encountered aglitch where to Quick Capture bar disappears.    Found an older post suggesting to turn int off and on.  Didn't solve the problem.  Took the second option of editing the .ini file and deleted
"[QuickCaptureForm.rsPropSaver]".  It worked initially but has now disappered again.    I'm wondering if the .ini file gets over written?

Any other suggestions to fix the disappering QuickCapture bar?

Thank you for the nice comments!

When you say the Quick Capture Bar disappears, can you clarify?

It is made to sometimes slide out of the way.  Have you tried moving the mouse to where it should be and see if it pops back into view?  Perhaps try minimizing other windows first so nothing could be blocking it.

Do you have a multiple-monitors or otherwise change resolution of the screen that might be triggering it?

Just trying to get a handle on what might be happening...

Hello Mouser,
Yes, I thought that it may be hidden or minimised or somewhere else. Unfortunately no.  Originally I was running the portable version so instead installed a new version hoping that the problem would be solved.   No difference really.     The only clue I have is that at one time I dragged the Quick Capture bar away from being docked in the corner.   That's when the problem started. It now briefly appears on boot up but disappears after that.   I can't get hold of it long enough to drag it back.

I guess it can be any number of issues and maybe something to do with my laptop, graphics, or other programs who knows?   I don't believe I changed anything before it  happened.   

So, in summary  the only thing I have to offer is that it changed after I dragged it across the screen.   It only goes to the centre anyway.
Thanks for your help.  I can get by with hotkeys but it would be nice to have the bar.


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