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Form filler to simplify inputing/remembering personal data


I wrote this tool while I was trying to find a job to expedite the process of filling out those super lengthy, annoying job application forms.  Even the other import tools/form fillers do a sub-par job at best since they input information into the form based in the tag assigned to a particular control, which can vary from website to website.  This program is different in that it allows you to select which data you want to input/is relevant to the form you are trying to fill, but instead of automatically filling in the form controls, you can use one of the two methods which this tool includes (clicking in a window when the "I-beam" mouse cursor is the active cursor or paste tool) to input the information manually but quickly.  Also, the personal data which you input into this tool is stored in an AES encrypted file, so the only way to access the information stored within the file is with the tool.  Have fun!!
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