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SourceForge Deals


I just stumbled on a whole mess of heavily discounted and Pay-What-You-Want deals offered through SourceForge.

Complete e-learning courses discounted from 50% off and more, Pay-What-You-Want deals for limited times ($1 minimum), cool gadgets, useful software bundles... it's quite a Smörgåsbord of deals.  Check it out!  :Thmbsup:

I initially had some trouble when I tried to purchase a deal by logging into my SourceForge account. I was perturbed at the idea of needing a second/separate SourceForge account to make the purchase.

Then app103 pointed out to me that it's a StackSocial store, and all the deals found there can be found at any site that has a StackSocial storefront. Suddenly things are making a lot more sense.


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