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Samarost 3 - Beautiful charming computer game - is out today


One of the first games ever discussed on this forum, back in 2005, was Samarost -- a truly beautiful, different, charming, relaxing, hand-animated point-and-click adventure game about a little fellow who traveled in space.

Samarost 3 became available today and it looks like it's going to be another charmer.

Rock Paper Shotgun says: "Samorost 3 is so bursting with life, so lovingly crafted, that it’s impossible not to adore. I cannot think of a game whose soundtrack comes close to this, and few that are so pretty. Gnome’s yelps of delight, or enthusiastic dances, or the way he sometimes says, “Hop!” when he jumps, are idiotically adorable. It’s so alive, so intricate, and so graceful. I wonder if the difficulty will see it be a less celebrated game than the last two, but it really is a thing of beauty."

Samarost really does feel different than most of the point and click games you see on the internet.. it feels like you are experiencing a game from a different culture.. or a different planet..  I can't wait to try it.

That certainly does look nice. It's so alien and imaginative and creepy and beautiful all at once. :-*

You know, you can actually play Samarost1 and level 1 of Samarost2 for free in your browser.
Do it!  It's actually quite interesting.

There's this one too, which you can play in your browser.
And this Nike game.


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