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spring cleaning

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nudone - hamradio seemed very interested in the tablet at the time i passed it along to you - he might be the perfect recipient, if he still want it.

dilema - josh has also asked if there have been any takers for the tablet.

but, as hamradio was the first to ask and i see that josh has already claimed the watch above then it seems fair to let hamradio have the tablet.

i shall wait until hamradio has made a comment before doing anything further.

maybe if josh and hamradio could just state what their interest is in the tablet - have they used one before, do they agree to pass it on if it doesn't suit their needs.

josh doesnt need the watch and the tablet!!!  >:(

2. i have a few graphic novels (marvel universe x, cristis on infinite earths, from hell, inhumans, marvels, league of extraordinary gentlemen).  anyone who doesn't have these and wants them please post.
--- End quote ---

Man, I used to be really into these books.  I'd like to check out Inhumans if you still have it available.  I know I have crisis on infinite earths, but I don't know if I have universe x (the stories are so confusing, and it's been a few years).  If I don't have universe x, I'll read that one also.  When I go home, I'll check.

I don't know which book it was in, but I read some epic story about the Inhumans and Black Bolt.  Something about the worlds that were going to die and Black Bolt somehow saves the day.  Something like that.

okay, hamradio gets the wacom tablet.


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