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spring cleaning

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Shoot, I'll take it!

which one?

The watch :) The one I quoted. A bit early for you mouser? hehehe

Carol Haynes:
Oo er .. Mouser takes on eBay single handed ;)

i am the current owner of the official donationcoder shared wacom intuos 3 tablet (kindly given to me by mouser).

it is now time to pass it onto another DC member.

if you've ever wondered what it is like to use a wacom tablet then now is your chance - the drawing area is only about 5 x 3 inches but it's enough to give you and idea.

please understand that you will be expected to pass this item on to another DC member when you have decided it is of no further use/enjoyment - unless, of course, you absolutely love it.

let me know...


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