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paint in word

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Is it possible to have the features of MS Paint (very simplistic) in MS Word?

I mean to write on image, draw on it, insert shapes, etc, without having to copy it to MS Paint to do that stuff there and repaste it in MS Word

any plugin or something??



I saw a video a while back of someone using Word to create (I think) an image of a smartphone start screen. Was very impressively done. Not sure was it here (anyone else remember that?)

thanks but that link doesn't fully apply
for example, I want to cut out a part of the picture (not crop its borders)
is that possible?
and I may want to paste it in another place in the picture

^ The link applied to your original question. Someone else may have other ideas -- or you could try a search engine.

^ I am pretty sure kalos has not made friends with any search engine.

But Word already has "Picture Tools" in the relevant toolbar. Insert your picture, click on it, and look in the Format ribbon.

What version of Word is it? This pdf  manual is for Word 2013:


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