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Problem with dragging and dropping files from FARR window into Outlook

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Been using FARR for over 10 years now...just got a new machine with Windows 10 x64.

I've installed all the standard programs, including FARR and MS Office 2010. I have kind of a unique problem which just started with FARR and Outlook 2010 -- I normally use FARR to locate files (PDFs, docs, jpegs, etc.) using the TinyEverything plugin, and then drag the file I want from the FARR window to an (already open) Outlook 2010 message (which I'm drafting for sending). This attaches a copy of the file into the message -- very convenient.

This has always worked perfectly before; however, now I find that although I drag the file (and it shows as being dragged), after I let go, the file which was supposed to attach just isn't there in the Outlook message. There's no error message or anything to indicate an error either.

This is a major problem -- this is one of the main uses of FARR for me. Could I get some input on what's happening?

Note that this is happening only with an Outlook message window. I can drag fine into Windows Explorer windows. Perhaps it's some setting in Outlook which needs to be changed?

i wonder if it could be some security setting.. either in outlook or in a resident antivirus/security app?

I'm thinking the same thing...but for the life of me can't figure out what!

The only things which have changed from my previous installations are I'm using McAfee Internet Security (came free with my new Dell notebook), and I'm using Windows 10. I tried disabling McAfee real time scanning, but it didn't make a difference. So clearly that isn't the problem.

I haven't changed any security settings in Outlook, either now or previously.


Any other suggestions? Help, please...this is really a major problem for me -- I'm just too dependent on FARR! :(

can you drag from any other program into outlook?
try dragging an image from screenshot captor thumbnail panel into outlook.


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