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Affinity (Serif) goes head to head with Photoshop & (maybe) Illustrator

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Bit more info:

We have finally got the news you have been waiting for: Affinity Photo for Windows is now on sale! Plus, as promised, we are making it available for a limited time with a 20% launch discount, so you can buy it now for only US$39.99!
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Plus! Extra bonus offer

As if the discounted price wasn’t enough we are also giving away a pack of Macros designed specifically for use with Affinity Photo. Everyone ordering in the first two weeks get this fantastic pack for free – you’ll receive a download link for them in your order confirmation!

Offer ends 22nd December, so don’t miss out!
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Don't forget to play the currency game, it's AU$13 cheaper for me to buy it in UKP including paying the VAT, (PayPal currency converter), (AU$63 via Serif, AU$50 via PayPal in UKP).

20% off all Affinity Products (~48 hrs to go)


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