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How to open a Photoshop file and save it in another format?


I know this isnt a VB.NET category but does anyone know of a way to open a photoshop image (.psd) through code and work with it? Basically I just want to open the .psd file and save it as a .gif or .jpg
Thank you!

You might have better luck just using a commandline call to something like ImageMagick in your VB.NET program as opposed to handling the file natively in (might not even be feasible).

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I have not tested it, but they say they can do what I think you really are asking for:

Adobe Photoshop have a COM interface for Photoshop they refer to the "scripting plugin" you can control all of photoshops functionality through this interface.

Adobe supply documentation for using the COM interface, the Object Model and some scripting examples.


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