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Surface Pro 4 (etc); observations from long term use?

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I have a Samsung Note tablet I very much like and use a lot. Use the pen a lot. The only other tablets that use the same technology are the Surface Pro and the latest iPad. When I eventually have to replace my Samsung, I have wondered whether the Surface Pro of the time would be a reasonable alternative. If it also replaced my laptop, it would only be twice the price overall and might offer more convenience in programs - though I have serious doubts about the size which seems unwieldy to use and distinctly not portable. I assume I'd need one of the more powerful models for this use but any comments on this would also be welcome.

Hey there. I'm not exactly sure what you intend on using it for, but I'll let you know about my experience so far with the Surface 4 Pro.

I have a Surface 4 Pro with an i5 processor and 128GB storage - it's essentially the mid-range Surface 4 Pro model. I've found it incredibly easy to use and the screen is absolutely gorgeous. My only real issue with it is the touchscreen - with some apps, they are not exactly 'optimized' for such a small screen/high resolution, so some buttons take a few attempts to 'hit' if you're using the touchscreen aspect of it (since some buttons are very small due to the high resolution) - I usually just use the pen for any kind of specific pointing.

Otherwise, I'm absolutely in love with the machine. The sound quality and video quality is phenomenal, the responsiveness is amazing, and the versatility is hard to beat - you can either use it as a standard tablet, as a tablet + stylus, or as a laptop with the type cover. The pen is great, it attaches to the Surface magnetically, it has an eraser, the palm-block technology they use is wonderful, so is their handwriting and speech recognition.

I'd have to say it's probably the best money I've spent for a mobile computer, but it really depends on the context in which you need to use it. I've used it for playing games like Hearthstone and taking care of all my university needs.

Good luck in your search!

Thanks. I don't really know myself.

atm, I have a Samsung Note 10" tablet. I like it, use it a lot, including the pen; browsing, writing, some spreadsheet work. Screen size is convenient for carrying and using anywhere. Is always on, so no waiting turning it on and off. Can do much of what I need. Limitations are insufficient screen space for some applications and not running some applications because it is Android not Windows.
I have a pretty powerful desktop with 2 very large monitors. Mostly I think I only like it because of the screen space and having a full size keyboard. I use it when I'm multitasking intensively or have to run a Windows program.
I do have a Windows touchscreen hybrid laptop. It works OK. But I rarely use it. Touch pad doesn't work as well as a mouse on a desk, and using a mouse with it isn't that convenient. So, mostly, when I have a task that needs a Windows program, it gets put off until there's enough to do to justify turning the laptop desktop on.

I think my usage would be general stuff plus spreadsheets with better compatibility with the work I do on the desktop. I would only do photo or video editing on the desktop because of the calibrated monitors (though maybe the Surface could hook into some sort of workstation). I worry that the larger size would mean that I use it less than my Samsung. And delays in starting and spontaneous updating waits would put me off too. Did I say I like my Samsung?

I'm only thinking about it now because there would be an advantage to buying it this tax year. And I'll be giving up one of my jobs in the next year and won't have the laptop and desktops that go with that, meaning that I can concentrate on just using my own systems.

I've found it hard to get a clear idea of how it might be in practice from the internet with the multiple complaints about problems and reviews being glowing but based on virtually no real life use. Your experience does help me weigh it up. I did have a slight veer towards the book version, as it seems to be better reviewed as a laptop replacement with better keyboard  - but even bigger. Luckily I still have lots of time to mull it over.

I think of it partly as a replacement for the Samsung, but am also aware that a lot of Android apps are more usable than their Windows equivalents; and cheaper.

I've been thinking about getting a Surface Pro 4 or a Surface Book, so watching this thread with interest!

I've been thinking about getting a Surface Pro 4 or a Surface Book, so watching this thread with interest!
-wraith808 (April 18, 2016, 10:10 AM)
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I too have some interest. I'm pleased to see w3bcrawler's remarks.
I'd own one by now were it not for what I consider to be an alarming number of user reviews that are critical of it.


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