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Nash the sled dog - his glorious life and death


Snowmobiler attacks 2 teams at Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, kills 1 dog
"A man on a snowmobile purposely drove into two dog teams competing in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race early Saturday morning, killing one dog and injuring at least three others, officials said. Mushers Aliy Zirkle and Jeff King were attacked outside the village of Nulato, a community of 236 on the Yukon River a little more than halfway into the 1,000-mile (1,600-kilometer) race to Nome. A suspect has been identified by a village police officer. Nash, a 3-year-old male, was killed. Crosby, another 3-year-old male, and Banjo, a 2-year-old male, received injuries and are expected to survive."

Iditarod 2016: Jeff King describes violent encounter with a snowmachine

Jeff King sings to puppy Nash

Iditarod Team Attacked By Snow Mobile, 1 Dog Is Killed

Loved by all whom he adored in return, Nash died doing what he loved most, struck down while on the run and living the only life he knew as a sled dog of the far North, a canine team player with an irrepressible zest for life.

I wanted to mention the beauty of team spirit shown by Nash and his team mates. Lions also work together intelligently, as do wolves and killer whales, but it is to kill. People work together, but may customarily downplay their sense of camaraderie, except when overtly playing it up for obvious social reasons. But when you see these dogs work together, it is not to kill, and not to pose for cameras. No, they show a purity of team spirit in a unique way that I can't help but admire. 


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