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bookmark management tool

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I haven't used Linkman as a link checker in quite a while, but I was happy with its performance when I did use it that way.  It wasn't perfect, but it was better than anything else I tried.  But what I use Linkman for primarily is as a bookmark organizer and, above all, a bookmark finder, and for that I find it terrific.  I have several thousand bookmarks, and using Linkman I can find any of them in one or two seconds. 

My advice would be to look on Chrome extensions if you use it as your browser. I found so many i did not know what to do with them all.  FVD Speed Dial is one of the most exotic.  Email link' is one of the most basic and i found it very handy.  'Save as a Shortcut' and so many more i got lost.  All are free to try some have donation support etc.  Once the extension is enabled a right click on the webpage while viewing brings up all the choices

anyone got a recommendation for a good bookmark manager?

... I'm looking for something that will show me a tree view, AND show the locations of duplicates within said tree ... Identifying duplicates is most important, and link checking/validation would be nice.
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If you are willing to consider a commercial product, I highly recommend LinkStash (USD 25).

LinkStash searches for duplicates very quickly. It produces a list of matches and their paths; select an entry in the list to highlight it in the tree. It will also alert you if you attempt to add a duplicate bookmark (you can still add a duplicate if desired, e.g. in a different folder of the tree). It can also check for dead links (obsolete or invalid URLs). Of course LinkStash is much more powerful and versatile than just that.

I usually prefer free software, and I tried the free version of Linkman for a while. But I found it confusing and non-intuitive in several respects. Then I tried LinkStash and soon paid for a license. It has saved me so much time and work that I consider the price to be quite reasonable and well worth it. I now keep all my bookmarks there instead of in my browsers (I do have a small number of bookmarks redundantly in my primary browser for sites I go to every day).

I know that may sound like a fake endorsement, but it honestly reflects my experience with the program over the past several years.

Late to the thread, but -
+1 for LinkStash  :Thmbsup:

I've used it for years.  The license policy is nice, too, because one license covers both installer and portable versions.

It is illogical that chrome favorites are added to a long list having to scroll down to find the newest sites you bookmarket.

A simple date sort feature would be nice.


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