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bookmark management tool

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This might not tick everything on your list but would be a low-tech and fairly cross-platform solution:

* sign up for a WorkFlowy account (there is a free version)
* use Chrome as a default browser
* set WorkFlowy to be a tab that automatically opens upon launch
* create a parent bullet point for Bookmarks
* install Clip to WorkFlowy Chrome extension
When browsing, just hit Clip to WorkFlowy, and it copies the URL and the title of the web page. Then navigate to the WorkFlowy tab and paste it into your Bookmarks list.

The benefit of this system is that WorkFlowy is available on most platforms (either in the browser, or in a standalone Chrome app, or via iOS and Android apps), each item is date and time-stamped when you create them, and the list is easily exportable as plain or formatted text and as OPML. Finding duplicates is easy via simple search.

Limitations: There is no link checking or validation. The list needs to be organised manually (alphabetical or chronological sorting is not possible, unless you add the date manually, export the list to a Google Sheet or Excel, sort it there, and then paste it back into WorkFlowy--which is not all that hard to do).

I might actually start doing this myself, now that I think about it...

It is illogical that chrome favorites are added to a long list having to scroll down to find the newest sites you bookmarket.

A simple date sort feature would be nice.-jessegilbert1 (April 12, 2016, 03:08 AM)
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I agree sorting should be built into Chrome. But a great work-around is the Sprucemarks extension. It allows you to sort alphabetically or by date added (either ascending or descending). You can also control how the bookmarks bar sorts, and whether folders should sort first or mixed with the bookmarks.


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