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anyone got a recommendation for a good bookmark manager?

I've finally gotten to the point where I can't stand it any longer - after many years and movement between multiple machines and browsers it's time for a cleanup.  I've tried a few but they are not generally very friendly or effective - duplicate and/or link checkers that don't tell you where the urls are, or that highlight duplicates that aren't, arent really helping

I'm looking for something that will show me a tree view, AND show the locations of duplicates within said tree (last one said it was doing this, but didn't - thank heavens for backups).  Identifying duplicates is most important, and link checking/validation would be nice. 

What have you tried so far?

Xenu, am deadlink, url gather, linkman, link checker...

there's probably more, but they're the ones that come to mind right now...

Just fwiw I have tried Xmarks too since I use Lastpass (same company now), and it was disappointing. I have it on 3 PCs and it would continually have trouble synching and would duplicate bookmarks even after running through the procedure they say to use for Chrome. I have it turned off or uninstalled now. If there's something I want to really have available, I will set it up in Lastpass even if there's no password needed - that has been very reliable.

Like @x16wda, I too have used Xmarks. I started using it in 2008/9, but had to uninstall it eventually as it made a nightmarish duplication of hundreds of my bookmarks, which took me ages to sort out and I still occasionally trip over its duplicated bookmarks. I'd never use it again after that experience.

One thing I have found that works extremely well however is the Firefox Sync function. It's undergone steady improvement and is very reliable. I use it to pool and sync bookmarks, passwords, etc. (I tick all the boxes) between 3 laptops - 1 of which is "mine", and 2 are used by my children. This means that we can each seamlessly use our own IDs on each other's laptops, and my daughter can tell me to (for example) look at such-and-such a link for something she is researching, and there it is on my laptop (or whichever laptop I am using).
You need to trial it to see just how useful that can be.


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