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Real-time Stock Data

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Are there any "coders" software that would allow me to create an alert system using my personal real-time data from my Investor system?
I want to be able to enter a stock symbol with a trigger price alert that would pop up a message on my screen each time the stock reaches the trigger point. 

I have tried sStockquotes, which is really interesting, but it uses differed Yahoo data by about 20-30 minutes. I'm looking for real-time. My own account trading system gives me real-time, but no alerts.

Thanks for any suggestions...

How is the real time data displayed/stored?  You may be able to do a tray utility to watch a window or file for key phrases like Symbol=$x.xx or whatever, and pop up a msgbox.  But the tray program would have to be able to easily scan through the file or whatnot watching for the trigger text.

Can you give any idea of the output or how the data can be accessed and what it looks like?

The popup window would only be triggered by the alarm if/when the stock price would cross it, from either a "high alert" or a "low alert".
Let's say you entered 11 for high and 10 for low alerts. The stock is now at 10.50.
Once the price goes up above 11 (or down below 10), then the popup would show.

The hardest part is to make the whole thing triggered from "real-time" data.
If I could enter my own data, then I could input my own data provider, my real username and password. But there is no way I would share that with anyone else. Hence my dilemma.  I have to do it myself as a standalone app sitting on my personal computer.

PS: Check out sStockquotes created by one of Donationcoders programmer. It's very good, but only offers delayed data.

I think you are referring to the program by Skwire.  What I was trying to get at was how the data is contained.  In other words do you only get a ticker, can it be copied to a file?  I am out of my element here since I don't dabble in stocks.  I did see this in searching but I don't know if it can be used with your data feed:

Thanks for the link, but it's not quite what I'm looking for.
I want a standalone app sitting in my tray that should be simple to use.
A simple price trigger alert in real-time, not a web-based appl.

Like I mentioned, the closest to what I need is sStockquotes (
but it doesn't give me real-time alerts.


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