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Screenshot Captor Quick Capture Bar does not recess anymore?


Hi guys,

OK, so for some reason my Quick Capture Bar, while docking, won't recess anymore when not in use. I haven't done anything beyond update, so I'm not sure what's going on. Can't find the option for it either. Not sure if I'm imagining things or whether it really changed...
Thanks for any feedback,



hmm, not sure why that would happen.
You could try exiting sc and restarting, or dragging the capture bar off the edge and then dragging it back to the edge to dock it.

Sometimes here it shows behind windows instead of ontop -- quick solution is to turn it off, and then on again (which I do via tray icon context menu).
That might solve it.

@mouser: Note I'm using an older version (4.12) on this (win.7) machine - if that behavior persists after update I will report it properly.


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