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Running two instances of FARR simultaneously?


Hi Mouser et al

First - LOVE this software. Thank you for spending the time to code/update/support it.

Question - is it possible to run two instances of FARR simultaneously from TWO seperate folders (with their own settings)? 

The reason I want to do the following: have 1 for my program files and another one (with URLs only) filled with URLS that take me to the direct download pages of the portable apps I use for easy updating.  I know this sounds silly, but I really, really don't want to taint my "programs" FARR with duplicate entries for URLs.  I considered using the scoring system to lower the listing but honestly, it's just so much darn easier having them seperated with different keys.

I did try to do this, but it wouldn't work.  Please help!

you cannot run two instances simultaneously.

HOWEVER, you can use keyword modifiers to have farr only search a specified folder (or set of folders) when you specify +keyword (anywhere in string).

So you could have one set of folders searched when you add +f1 to search and another to +f2
or make one searched by default, and one only when +keyword.

Also, you can configure a different hotkey to auto show farr with +keyword already specified.

Hi mouser,
Thanks for the reply

Is there some documentation about keyword modifiers or an easy explanation on how to use it? Sorry to take up your time!


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