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[SOLVED] Email bouncing after changing hosts


Hi folks,

I use a ton of forwarders. Seriously a ton! I have somewhere between 600-700 of them. I use forwarders like other people use maildrop or mailinator. Anyway, I recently changed hosting companies for my websites/domains, and I had the weird experience of my websites not working until I updated the DNS entries for the domains, but my email working fine until I updated the DNS entries.

So now my websites are working fine, but any email sent to what are called "add-on" domains in cPanel just bounce. Whether they're forwarders or an actual mailbox. Here's the error I'm getting in the bounce email:

Remote host said:
550-The mail server could not deliver mail to [email address].  The
550-account or domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted, or missing the
550 proper dns entries.
--- End quote ---

Note that all my forwarders are working just fine for my primary domain. It's just the add-on domains which can't seem to accept any email whatsoever.

I'm hoping the folks here at DC can help me figure this out because so far technical support at my host hasn't been very useful for this particular issue. I was super-ultra happy with my new host until this issue came up. But if it can't be solved I may need to find other hosting. Forwarders are that important to me. They fixed it!  :Thmbsup:

Don't know if it helps but does the new hosting company use Reverse DNS to check if the email is coming from a valid domain?

I recently had a problem where emails from one of my VPSs was failing to get through Google mail servers because of the above, I had to tell the mail server on the VPS to use TCP/IP v4 exclusively for the Gmail servers.

Another hint in the error message you got is the blacklisting part.

Because of the move and activation of so many mail redirection, you could have triggered a security measure from one of several private organizations that have taken it upon themselves to police mail traffic globally.

With some it hardly takes anything, but you'll need to prove to them you are legit and have it fixed in the grace period they allotted to you. In the mean time, all your mail is blocked.

Happened to me about a year or 2 ago. Some kid came by with his infected gaming laptop. My network wasn't affected, but that PC triggered defenses and all mail was blocked for 2 days, before they granted me access again after proving to them I fixed the problem. Afterwards that organization still kept me a week or so in probation.

All I'm saying is that you shouldn't dis that part of your error message outright.

Thanks for the suggestions. They managed to get it fixed today.

They informed me that they "have added the domains to the local domains" for me. I'm not sure what that means, but my emails and forwarders seem to be working now.

Thanks again!


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