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Detect change in marked area

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I just found this brilliant forum and hope some of you guys will be able to help me out :)

A windows program that will detect a change in a "marked/selected" area of the screen, and play a sound if it changes.


* Start program
* Select what area of the screen to monitor
* Select sound file to play
* click start button
The software will then "monitor" the selected area of the screen and play the sound file it it changes.

This will be used to monitor a game interface (window mode) and alert me if something changes (in a defined area of the window).

I hope one of you find this exciting and decide to give it a try :)

Exactly the same request has been posted on this forum some time ago, but I don't recall if it was answered... :-[

Exactly the same request has been posted on this forum some time ago, but I don't recall if it was answered... :-[-Ath (March 03, 2016, 03:05 PM)
--- End quote ---

If it was this you were thinking of it wasn't ... but there is: Skrommel's PixelNotifier

Sorry to revive an old post, but I too need this. 

I did pulled Pixelnotifier program and do not understand it.  I want to monitor an area of the screen (not a pixel) and if a % different change happened make a sound and launch a program maybe.  I would use it to monitor a video camera windows for change.  Sure other will use it for stock symbol changes and more.

I did have a program from years ago in autohotkey from Skrommel, but it never worked and I did not follow up with him.  Hoping someone has written something like that.  Or better documentation for pixel notifier.

I can upload the Skrommel code I have if needed.


Yes, Lets revive this yet post again, I would realy like a program like this!

Usage: I would use a webcam pointed to my heater (see picture)
The program could watch the stream or I can snap picutures at intervalls that the program could look at.
If the ALARM lamp turns red = run a program.
Alarm is the lamp marked with an "!" in a rectangle and it can turn red or stay off.
Detect change in marked area

Alarm is the most important, but if possible I would like to look at the other lights to.


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