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"Great Service" Awards for Software


Thought I'd start an appreciation thread for software with great service.
In case it isn't obvious, mouser and Skwire, and the many others here on dc share first prize :Thmbsup:

The first three here based on email communication:

CintaNotes (Notes: extremely helpful developer, very fast response times)
Linkman (Bookmarks: very fast and helpful responses to queries / bug reports)
Syncovery (Backup/Sync: very fast and helpful responses to queries / bug reports)

Special mention to:
InfoQube (Info Manager: very helpful forum and developer)
Softmaker (Office Suite: very helpful forum)

[hope I didnt miss any thread with same topic, did do a search FWIW]

Macrium Reflect: backup software, paid version (fast responses, effective help)
Binary Fortress: DisplayFusion multi-monitor/macro/software, paid version (fast responses, effective help)
VueMinder Pro: Calendar, paid version (fast responses, effective help, open to suggestions)

Concur with Linkman, Syncovery mentioned above.

Haven't found anybody who outperforms Mouser.

syncovery...this developer has been doing daily updates for years now.  i've gotten to the point where i just habitually check for updates thinking "there's nothing today" and there always is!  lol.

At the top of my list would be mouser, who has been both immensely helpful and immensely patient! 

Here are some others, listed alphbetically:
HyperSnap - I haven't had many problems with this excellent screen capture program, but when I have, the developer and the forum have been responsive and helpful.
Linkman - An immensely useful bookmark program, with extraordinarily fast and helpful support.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Available in both free and "premium" versions. I use the latter.  Whenever I have questions, I've received fast and helpful responses from both forum volunteers and paid staff.
Pale Moon - My browser of choice for the past four years, partly because the changes it makes seem more sensible than those of Firefox, and partly because the PM forum offers consistently informed and helpful responses, including many from the Pale Moon developer, who apparently never sleeps. :)
Pimlical - Not sure whether I should include this, since it's primarily calendar software for smartphones and tablets, but it's also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  The calendar is exceptionally feature-rich, which means it's also rather complex.  Fortunately, there's an excellent forum and a responsive developer.
SoftMaker Office - a very capable alternative to Microsoft Office at a fraction of the price (and I think there's also a free version).  Anytime I've had questions, responses on the forum have been prompt, informed, and helpful, from both ordinary users and staff members.

Horst Schaeffer, from his wonderful batch file utilities back in the DOS days, to his array of small, fast, focussed, freeware Windows programs.  He's been a very generous programmer.


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