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Clipboard Help+Spell - suggestions


vietnam rum:
Clipboard Help+Spell is an excellent program.

Suggest in all products - basic template

In help - have clickable links and the following information:-

Clipboard Help+Spell v2.34.0 by Mouser at

Mouser Forum
Mouse Web
All Forums
Email  [email protected]
Live chat

FaceBook like/Share Twitter  Links


Additional suggestions:-

Application Title include version number  :-
Clipboard Help+Spell v2.34.0 by Mouser at

Tools menu add links:-
Link to FaceBook like/Share Twitter

Enable minimise Window
X to exit window.

Link to sign up for a newsletter - to be delivered to email address
RSS Feed - is not obvious

Cheers vietnamrum

Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier!

I think it's a great idea to have that standard info at the top of my help files -- I may try to add that in the next version.  :up:


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