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Inconveniences which would be nice to see rectified


Definitely an "auto hide feature" (like move mouse to top right corner of screen to make Launch bar commander visible, but hide otherwise).  The bar causes some non-fullscreen games I play.  Also, the only thing I can think of would be a feature where the bar could "remember" or be configured to display a preferred screen when it is present.  I'll give an example.  I have launchbar commander installed on laptop that, 90% of the time, has a external monitor hooked to it.  However, whenever I unplug the external monitor the other 10% of the time, launchbar commander will then display on laptop monitor, but stay there even after I have external plugged back in, and have to readjust manually.  Other than that, love your software Mouser!!  These are just nitpickings.  I use your toolbar more than I use the start menu (very nice replacement).  Thank you for the effort and awesome software.


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