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Farr freezes when using shortcuts to UNC network paths



Recently I placed a couple of shortcuts (*.lnk files) on my desktop that point to UNC network paths, e.g. \\NASServer\Share\Folder.
Since that day Farr freezes frequently (but not always) for 10 or 15 seconds while searching the desktop folder when the NAS is offline at that moment.

I think similar topics have already been discussed a couple of times for example here or here:

As far as I can see the problem should be solved by the latest FARR version but I am using the latest version. Am I doing something wrong? I already tried to tweak several options but without success:

Settings > Display Options > Report Columns > Date (can slow display) [_]
Settings > Search Behavior > Do not add network drive paths to launch history [X]
Settings > Search Behavior > Resolve shortcuts when searching [_]
Settings > Search Behavior > Resolve shortcuts when adding items to result list [_]
Settings > Folder Browsing > Use generic icons for folders... [X]
Settings > Tweaks and Debugging > Speed up display by avoiding lookup of some icons [X]
Settings > Tweaks and Debugging > Test icon speed issues by not displaying any icons [_]
Settings > Tweaks and Debugging > Log slow icon lookups in troubleshooting log [X]
Lists > Heuristic Scoring > Recency Date Bonus (slows down search a little) [_]
Settings > Tweaks and Debugging > Do not attempt specific file icon lookup on specific drives [\\NASServer]

Surprisingly the troubleshooting log is empty except for the usual "::: [ Starting Find and Run Robot..." but when I use Sysinternals Process Monitor to capture farrs file operations you can clearly see that it freezes while doing "something" with those UNC network shortcuts.

I guess I'm running out of ideas.  :(

Your problem reeks of an TCP/IP protocol issue, which is most likely answered in this donationcoder post.

Probably you're right. As these freezes only occur when my NAS is offline they are likely to be related to some kind of network timeout. And of course I do not(!) blame farr for that! Microsoft's settings for network timeouts are ridiculously long and obviously outdated but honestly, I do not dare to change these settings. Could anybody guarantee there are no adverse side effects? I wouldn't want to replace one problem by another one.

So, I was simply hoping there is an option/setting in farr that could help me to work around or avoid this windows shortcoming. You do not happen to know an option I haven't tried yet? :(


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