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Filename randomizer

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Am looking for a tool that will randomize filenames.

Results should be:
- filenames with a length of -say- around 18-20 characters (so, long filenames should be shortened)
- extension should also be changed, e.g. to .tst   or to  .123  (random number, 001-999)
- characters to be used, like:
a-z   A-Z  (both lower and uppercase)
- (hyphen)
_ (underscores)
#  (Number signs)

It would be nice to just
select all files
use context menu - randomize filenames

have looked all over Internet but could not find a small tool that does this all.

Filename Randomizer (from xdpirate) has it limitations.
no context menu (one needs to browse to the folder)
does not change extension
only lowercase
no special characters



Not quite sure if it fits the bill (or if you're already familiar), but it seems very rich in the ideas you seek:

I, too, am seemingly always after clever renamers and such, and have found this one intriguing, although I haven't mastered it yet. Section 2.7 of the manual talks about how it works to control duplicates on the fly. I think it would meet your criteria of fixing the file length, as it allows padding of the result (manual page 6).

I use it now and then for simpler renaming tasks.

Worth a click maybe?

A regex-enabled renamer I know of is PCMAG's multiren, but that's not free.


Hi there,
I have looked at Bulkrenameutility a few times in the past, but I -hate- the messy user interface.
I am more in favor of Advanced Renamer and Flash Renamer (an Explorer like interface).

Have looked at a lot of renamers over the years, but I am still sticking to Flash Renamer (not freeware) as being the best from my point of view.
Regretfully though there will be no new version, only patches if required.

Recently discovered a feature to rename files (using Flash Renamer) using a 'preset'. Didn't know it was there.
Matter is solved.


p.s. also possible using a script within Advanced Renamer

Filename randomizer

Out of sheer curiosity, may I ask why you do this?

Thanks DCWul62!

I concur about BulkRenameUtility it seems very powerful, but the user interface stands in my way of both proceeding with confidence and ending up with the results I wanted.

I am glad to learn about Advanced Renamer and Flash Renamer-- I didn't know either and they are both good tools it seems. I will check out the free Advanced Renamer next time I have the need.

And I second skwire's curiosity for the true random renaming; it's a bit extreme if humans are meant to consume the names (I'm sure they're not), but admit that unique random names are a useful interim step in processes where you're aggregating lots of directories.


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