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Pop-Up Dialog and To clipboard option

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I installed the latest version and for some odd reason the only option I get for To Clipboard is simply that and when I click it it is not copying to the clipboard.  I remember prior to upgrading I had this set as the default but now for some reason after upgrading to the latest (v4.16.1) I can't see to clip from the pop-up dialog which I use frequently.  Great app btw!


Hi JT.

Can you elaborate a little bit about what you are talking about?

Sure - I have the capture option set to display the Pop-Up Dialog when I do any screen captures.  From this dialog I have a small preview of the capture and the operations Discard, Save image and show, Save Image As, Save Image but Hide, Print Image, To Clipboard, Send To and Help.  With the included Override File Name, Comment/Caption and After Next Capture: selection.  I generally selected 'To Clipboard' but I remember from my previous version I had additional selections under this drop down.  I thought I set a default somewhere in my previous version to always simply have the option 'To Clipboard' selected and this is what I see.  But when I select this - nothing it clipped. 

I resolved it.  Under Quick Capture Bar and Post Cap Options I had to set Start Focus and Copy Button to appropriate settings.  In this case Start Focus to Name-Override and Copy Button to Drop-down combo box.  Both are defaults but didn't default for some odd reason.

I had the same problem for some time already.

Could it be that the latest version somehow emptied those settings?


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