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I DARE YOU to make simple sport management game


For some time I have an idea in my mind to create a soccer management games a la open-source Bygfoot Football Manager. However, I don't have the guts right now to create it. But since not everyone has money to buy FM2016 and not everyone can invest enormous time and commitment to this huge game, I think the future is in simple and lightweight management games that can be played quickly.

Therefore, I DARE YOU to create simple open-source sport management game for PC (football, basketball, baseball, anything) that could be simple (but not too primitive). Ideally it would be the game where you can play a season in 5 minutes. Would be also great to have an ability to create and edit league files (to add countries, for example). Players could be fictional. And it better be open-source.

Do you accept the challenge? Do you dare?


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