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Make the alphabetic menu display in Windows 10 the default


Is there a way to make a Desktop Shortcut to access the Alphabetic 'list-by-letter' menu in Windows 10?   Additionally, maybe a way to make that the default display type instead of scrolling through from the 'A' apps to get to the 'R' apps.

Currently I click any letter to bring up the full alphabet then choose the letter I want but for some reason in this one place MS decided not to allow any keyboard interaction to reach a letter.  Logically you would think typing the letter R when in that menu would jump to the R's but nothing happens at all.  It is Mouse Only.  If I could, I would make that my default Display option when clicking All Apps in the Start Menu in the first place since seeing all the tiny tiles listed alphabetically does not make things any faster to access.

There may already be some 3rd party app out there to do this but I have not seen one.  And I know this is the fastest place to find something like that.  This might even be best posted in Skrommels 1 hr software as I bet he already has an answer :D

The folder is located in "%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu" for individual users, or "%programdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu" for the shared portion of the menu.


Start Menu X is free, but their PRO is better and right now half the normal price: $19.99 $9.99 "10 Anniversary discount!"

Upgrade to Start Menu X PRO

Purchase the PRO version and get these extra benefits:

* Single-click launch!
* Assign a primary program to any folder and start it simply by clicking this folder.
* Change the structure and add tabs.
* Manage the Virtual Groups
* Sort files by name
* Free minor 6.x updates
--- End quote --- 

Make the alphabetic menu display in Windows 10 the default


There are a number of alternatives, Stardock Start10 is one:, but from Skrommel there is none for Windows 10.  Maybe read (for Win 8.)


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