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Shortcut to All Apps displayed by letter Alphabet


I have seen several threads where people want to remove this feature but in my case it is actually easier to use than scrolling down through 10 to 20 pages of programs listed by letter to get to "X" for "Xcopy+" for example. Is there a way to make a desktop shortcut one-click to access the All-Apps alphabetic 'list-by-letter' menu? If I could, i would make that my default Display option when clicking All Apps in the Start Menu.

Show All Programs By Default In Start Menu Of Windows 7/10 - Now you just got to find a working link to the download Source code


--- Code: AutoIt ---#NoTrayIcon Local $Ran While 1   Sleep(50) If WinActive("[CLASS:DV2ControlHost]") Then   If $Ran=0 Then          ControlClick("[CLASS:DV2ControlHost]", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:1]")          ControlFocus("[CLASS:DV2ControlHost]", "", "[CLASS:DirectUIHWND; INSTANCE:1]")          $Ran=1   EndIfElse   $Ran=0EndIf WEnd
No idea if it works as the code is a year and a half old and I don't use the Windows 10 Start Menu.

Thanks 4wd.
And to show you just how bad off I am, i have now posted he same question twice in the forum :(  I was trying to move it to Skrommel's 1 hr list and realized that i was still in General after posting.  Is there a way to move a post once posted?

^ just add a post to that thread asking that it be deleted

PS Skrommel hasnt been active here for a good few years now (were you thinking of skwire maybe?)

Probably  :(
I always remember the "one hour software" slogan though


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