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Computer blogs that you read?

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Here's one I've been reading lately, Daniel Lemire's blog:

He had a recent post on the unpredictable and high memory usage of C++ STL containers, something I have long fretted about.
-mouser (September 15, 2016, 08:28 PM)
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Not to mention that many newbs use STL as a substitute for thinking.  I can remember a few years ago posting some code on a C++ forum that used a Buffer object on the stack.  The destructor freed the memory so that the code is much cleaner.  I was chastised for not just using an STL container.  I pointed out that Bjarne Stroustrup used just such a Buffer object in his C++ Programming Language book.  I mean, not reinventing the wheel is one thing.  Throwing in the kitchen sink just to avoid a little testing is ridiculous.  I like to take a nap as much as the next guy but laziness != efficiency.  :)



Makeuseof, osxdaily and Android central

This is my fav oneby Jeff Atwood. :-*


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