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I am after advice concerning a database program I have used for years called OneStore originally published by a company called X2net.    The company closed down some years ago but the program remained on many download sites so I was always able to keep it going through various machine/OS upgrades.   I have quite a number of documents stores in this database now and the last time I used it successfully was within Win7 (a bit glitchy but usable).  However since upgrading to Win10 I find the program will not run at all.   I have tried all the compatibility options that Win10 provides with the same results.   It is too late now to go back to Win7 as over 30 days nor do I have the original installation file.   I believe the program is a Nexus database.    Any ideas how I can access my documents now??

Creating a virtual machine with Windows 7 and the archive you possibly could get from the internet's "wayback machine"?

The pages:   &   contain serial codes and all the downloads from X2net that is legal for them to distribute.

A file name search in Google is also an option: 'x2net_onestore_setup.exe' (as modeled after the names I saw on the official link) resulted in link and link. Trustworthy sources?  I have my doubts, but now you know the value of keeping the installers of software you actually use, backed up on a safe location (that is not the internet/cloud). From what I saw the installer is around around 13MByte or so, which is hardly any space at all.

@pleased, try emailing the contact person in the whois for the x2net website, see . Ask them if they can email you the setup file for the last version of the program. If they are unable to distribute it then ask if you can get the sha1 or md5 hash value for that file. If you have the hash then you can on your own verify if a file on some third party site is identical to the official release.

For example this old tucows mirror has X2NetOneStoreSetup.exe (note that Firefox warns of "Unwanted Software Site" for this url) . I downloaded it (but have not and will not run it) and it has these hashes
md5 d564d34ce95aaf6414c4dce2e0f428d8
sha1 341217f166bca105d323514e468f7be205ba2db5
( One multi engine oneline virus scanner gave the file 1 red and 20 green flags. See )

As a general note I think a software company that shuts down their operation ought to provide at least hashes for the last released version of the software to help customers in situations like this.

@pleased: If you go to you will find a very helpful webpage. I have copied just the text below:
We regret to inform you that X2Net Limited has ceased trading.

The following license name/key pairs can be used to enable activation of existing products for which X2Net Limited held rights.
Product    License Name    License Key
WebCompiler V3.x    WebCompiler    000015-8KJH5B-KDNHD5-8UNYGP-222VQZ-CTW0KJ-4MGHVH-BT96TE-GAZ3VP-JH9JKQ
WebCompiler V2.x    WebCompiler    5139-332A-796C-13E1-38CC-EE40-F176-3E0A
X2Net Smart Address V5    SmartAddress    000MKE-N4B7GG-TZY5GE-QPBUUZ-2UXMEF-9PHHNE-Q5VQAX-WN6RXH-DZN7T9
Smart Address 2000    SmartAddress    26FB - 868D - D47C - 0B33 (Multi user code for 10 users is 31F6 - B6AC - 88A0 - ECA3)
X2Net SmartBoard    SmartBoard    01C0HY-YEA8MH-BBKVW1-W7GEHX-UA8K4W-T5FWCK-EN5J4V-U5H72H-TW52R0-05Z6RM
X2Net Calendar    Calendar    018E5F-38XVGA-H4PX2T-PE3T71-0JRF4X-BN5RAH-3UJ0BD-203MB1-04HVYK-H6E7QT
X2Net Contacts    Contacts    0186KT-JRXB5R-5NPMEB-166CUU-VVF31E-EQGERU-GY0MYD-1FYVDG-HD3MUE-F43216

 If the product you want is not listed then X2Net Limited no longer had rights to issue the keys.

Final installation files are available here.

If you are having difficulty entering keys there are small utilities to force the keys in available here. Simply stop the program in question, run the keyforcer and put the keys in, then start the program again.

--- End quote ---
You should be able to get the latest installation X2NET proggies and licence keys from there - BUT NOT FOR  X2NET OneStore!
Looks like the developers were a pretty professional bunch and did a graceful shutdown.

I am currently playing around with installing and running the NoteStore application on Win10-64 Pro, and it seems to work, but with a few quirks.
It seems to be a rather nifty SQL database client-server application, but the "virtual printer" installation and Hotkey assignments are giving some probs.

There was also a suspect Trojan in the Uninstaller.exe file, but that was from a download via Brothersoft, where I downloaded onestore by x2net from Free X2Net OneStore Download and found it had actually downloaded Version

The downloaded file passed examination by my Windows Defender and Malwarebytes OK, and Virus Total.
The suspected trojan warning only showed up towards the later part of the installation after the virtual printer installation had been giving error messages that it was unable to complete. That may be a Win10 constraint, and the trojan alert may have been a false positive, but I didn't take any chances. The software installed OK otherwise, but with a few quirks, as I said above.
Found a useful discussion here: Outliner Software: X2Net OneStore

The latest (2010) Wayback website copy for here:
- which referred to Version, but I was unable to download from Wayback, so they hadn't captured a copy.

@pleased: What is the version number of the OneStore.exe file you have, please? (Look in file properties.)

I just now came across a BitsDuJour offer for X2NET OneStore, from Dec. 2008, where it says:
... Please note: An X2Net single-user license is now free! Today's promotion is for a commercial license or for a single-user license on a multi-user network installation.
Review Written by Roger Thomasson

--- End quote ---
From what you wrote, you would seem to have a single user licence. Would you be able to share the key? I haven't come across it in my searches so far.


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