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Anyone using Blackbird?

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I put this off  (from above)  for a while and hesitate to procede due to errors.  Since I am getting errors
with instructions so far,  tell me how .exe name shanges (for simplification) effects execution.

  In other words, does changing any elements in the path from blackbird version number and all that in the path (where it exists) to simply something like blackbird.ext affect the execution of the command?  If so I'd have to reinstall blackbird and try to go through
avoiding any typos again.

  Also in this process what is the 'repeat line command'  at cmd system?

I still don't see why this seems to be a totally different process than looking at the 43 apps list.  And in that list I do not see an obvious reference to LAN at all.

  This Windows is 64bit Ultimate.

   While waiting for reply I'll re-install.

During reinstall 'FINDSTR  Line 3 is too long ' repeats a number of times at 66% installation then continues.

During reinstall 'FINDSTR  Line 3 is too long ' repeats a number of times at 66% installation then continues.
-loninappleton (October 13, 2018, 04:33 PM)
--- End quote ---

My bad.  The error cited occurs during the initial Backup request which then says
completed successfully.

Maybe some progress on the error trapping for me.

I've used the Winkey+R and then find the the path to the blackbird.exe 

Then I add space, dash l (lowercase el)  [return]

Opens and runs Blackbird with no visible errors.  I did the restart requested.
I've now to see whether that has turned the LAN back on.

.....  no success.

I double checked my workgroup name and the HOMENET is not found.

If Winkey+R  actually executed, would it not say at a commandline prompt rather than
simply running the program and ignoring space 'el'?

Some success.  The command properly executed at Winkey+r when initiating with
CMD  space in the box which I omitted.  From there I could get through the directory tree to blackbird.exe and add space -l .  Command screen opens and displays Blackbird executed that Lan command.

After restarting and checking the workgroup (again)  and also checking the screen that asks about changes for personal use or business use--  again  (which never defaults to home use) I have the icon at my workgroup network for the Win10 PC but not other nodes on the net.

I will rerun the netsh commands previously described to see if that finds the other
network node which is on Win7.

Any other responses to solve this appreciated.


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