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Use Checkboxes to select specific Sites in returns from a Google Search to save


This is a 'spin-off' of another way to achieve something that apparently cannot be done.  My original request was a way to add a linefeed or <cr> to anything I Pasted to any document text or otherwise.  Apparently there is no longer a clipbrd.exe and it doesn't seem possible to modify the Windows Paste to include that linefeed.

The effort was being made in order to create a more specific list of links from those returned in an initial Google Search.  If there was a way to "click" a check box on the ones that I think are promising and let me scan thru maybe 10 pages dong this, then save a list of ONLY the ones that were checked.  This would actually be an even better solution.

The end result would be exactly what I wanted and no need to tinker with "way down deep" in the guts of Windows to add that extra linefeed which was only needed so all my copy/pasted links did not run together.  The option to choose maybe 4 out of 10 returns on each of 10 pages would give me a quick "saveable list of 40 links that I think have a high probability of needing further reading. 
There likely is already a Google App for that but I would not know what to call it.  If anyone has a similar program that would do something like this, I generally only use Google as I can start out with several parameters such as time span and other that give me more of the relevant data than most other searches.

I think you should have a look at Mouser's CHS (Clipboard Help + Spell) for processing your copy/paste content and/or Web Link Captor (WLC) for performing your searches and formatting the output as desired.


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