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YouTube finally forces creation of google+ A/C to comment

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It really does look to me like google has decided to kill any connection between Youtube and g+. Alternatively this could be just on some accounts...
Either way, pity for me because that was my main use of it.
-tomos (February 17, 2016, 03:40 PM)
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turns out I'm behind the times,
this from the official youtube blog, Monday, July 27, 2015:
With today’s announcement from Google+, you’ll see more changes. The comments you make on YouTube will now appear only on YouTube, not also on Google+. And vice-versa. This starts rolling out today.
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Unfortunately they no longer show comments made on videos in your YouTube channel (the 'recent activity' option no longer includes comments). In other words, AFAICS there is no easy way to keep a record of your YT comments. If you make a comment, you will have to bookmark it search for it if you want to find it again...

Damn. It wasnt a lot, but I did have something going there. Gone. Ah well.


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