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BrowserTraySwitch does not seem to work on Windows 10 Home


BrowserTraySwitch does not seem to work on Windows 10 Home. The captured .btsregfile's seem to change 4 keys only which do not do the job:
   Line 63: Association_URLPROTOCOL|HTTP||FirefoxURL|!
   Line 94: Association_URLPROTOCOL|https||FirefoxURL|!
   Line 185: Association_FILEEXTENSION|.html||FirefoxHTML|!
   Line 216: Association_FILEEXTENSION|.htm||FirefoxHTML|!
Most everything else is "||_EMPTY_|!".
Right-clicking any .btsregfile, whether for Firefox, Chrome or Edge, always opens IE.

Windows 10 Home seems to have a security policy that hinders changing the default browser via script, at least via a script not run under admin privilege. When trying to make a browser the default browser at its own settings page this does not work as it used to work. Instead Start > Settings > System > Default apps  opens, where one can click the current default browser to select a different one.

Maybe at Windows 10 Pro one can change that security policy through the Group Policy Editor gpedit.msc, but for 10 Home I see no chance.

The next best solution: You can right-click Default apps and choose Pin to Start. Then you can change the browser with 4 clicks, compared to the 2 clicks for BTS up to Windows 7.


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