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Method for bypassing LBC security problem


   Greetings, citizens of earth (or do I assume too much?)!   

This is (essentially) my recent email to Mouser.  Putting it on the forum seemed like a good idea. If someone runs into the same problem they will have at least one possible solution to try.


Hello, Mouser!

   As you know, I was previously unable to use drag & drop with LaunchBarCommander using any of the methods outlined in the help. The "solution" for me was to turn off UAC for my (only) admin/user acct. (any other UAC setting failed). I am excited to have this convenient feature working properly and now I'm going through the screenshots to see what other people have done. Over time I'll be tweaking LBC to the max, and eventually share screenshot(s). I like things just so, however; it might take a little while. Thanks again for your superb software; I can't wait to use the new features you've planned!

   P.S. From this experience I've ascertained that the security settings (permissions, ownership, etc.) on part(s)/all of my system drive must need attention, which I have suspected for some time. Anyone with the inclination is extremely welcome to volunteer any sort of help whatsoever, in that regard; when it comes to Windows 7 Home Premium security I am certainly no expert! I'm sure, though, that if I were to get LBC working without turning off UAC I would then be closer to fixing some other security problems on my C:\ so that's the goal. Okay, plea made. The main thing is that I have LBC working properly now! Hurray!

Thanks for your time!  :D

thanks for the report -- i had no idea that UAC settings could affect drag and drop behavior..

The "solution" for me was to turn off UAC for my (only) admin/user acct. (any other UAC setting failed).-tsc.v1.1 (February 28, 2016, 07:29 PM)
--- End quote ---
Hmm, did you launch LBC with admin privileges?

Lower-privileged programs aren't allowed to send messages to elevated programs.

Stoic Joker:
^True, not to mention that the elevated session also won't have access to any drives mapped in the current user session which can be a really nasty gotcha during all sorts of things.


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