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REQ: App/Hotkey to detact a child window from an application.


Would it be possible with AHK or something else to create a hotkey that would allow the user to detach a child window from an MDI frame and present it in a dialog type box that can be dragged anywhere on any monitor (outside of the mdi frame)?

Standard Windows MDI doesn't allow that.
Only application frameworks that explicitly support that, as used in some office applications and recent Visual Studio editions, can have their windows pulled out of the main frame. Then pulling it out is usually the easiest way to do it, as you'll want to position it somewhere specific.

Do you only want to retain the information in the Child window and keep it on screen while you dismiss it and continue to work in your program?
If so, you can try and see if AHK can read the information (assuming it is text) from the Window and display it in a alwaysontop AHK gui.

Or if not "clone" the window as an image and display it as such (could again be an AHK GUI or use GDI+ to display the image - you can also use GDI+ to "clone" or "copy" the window as image.


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