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To ignore a process - when?


When or what is the best way to set PT to ignore a process from taming? Is it recommended to ignore all games or let PT tame them, even though they're not fast games? What about media stuff like music editing and photo editing?

A good rule of thumb is to ignore anything where you won't be doing anything else while they are running, and where you care about them running as fast as possible.
So, full screen games definitely have PT ignore.

The reason to let PT tame a process is if you want to be using ANOTHER program while the tamed program is running.

I see - but I do play some games in windowed mode and like to have music playing in the background - and I may also want to have my internet browser open so I can quickly look up something, mostly game related while playing.
So should I let PT tame everything, or ignore one of the three (game, internet or music player)? Or ignore ALL three?

Just let PT do it's thing then.  No need to ignore anything.

It should be said that if you have a modern fast pc, then Process Tamer is not going to do anything useful for you (it won't hurt you either).

Process Tamer really is useful for people who have slower older pcs, where certain applications noticeably slow their computer annoyingly.

I do have a pretty good pc, but there is always room for improvement and any tweak is welcome lol.
At least until I can afford a new fast mean machine  :D

Yep, I'll leave PT to do its thing, then. That sounds like the most logical thing to do :)
Thank you for your help! :Thmbsup:


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