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crashes on startup, windows 7, since installing latest windows updates


Today I rebooted my windows 7 machine to install windows updates. Since then, FARR no longer starts, it crashes with a fault in ntdll

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Not sure if this is relate to the windows updates, but I am also not aware of any other relevant changes since the last reboot.

Anyone else having the same issue?


Hmm, I have removed all plugins (by moving the plugins folder) and farr started again, now I have copied all the plugins back and farr still starts fine. So I guess my issue is resolved :)
No idea what caused the issue and what resolved it now...

I think you were probably on the right track -- it's probably a plugin that is crashing, and your process of moving the plugins out and in resulted in FARR disabling one or more of them.
If you go into the plugin options in FARR it will show you a list of enabled/disabled plugins.

I had the same problem, looked at FARR log, it showed FARREnvironmentalVariables as the culprit. I removed that plugin, everything works.


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