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Touchy touch screen rubs me the wrong way

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I assume you got a Sansa Clip Sport or Clip Jam?  Too bad those aren't supported by Rockbox, and probably never will be due to the unusual chipset that was obviously chosen for better battery life alone.   :mad:

I had an original Sansa Clip that served me well for almost 6 years, even going through the wash 3 times.  :o  Yes, the USB on that little thingummy was tight, but it got a little smoother after 10 or 20 recharges and music transfers.  After it finally died, I looked around at all the available Mp3 player options, and found that for my money, a $20 Wal-Mart Tracfone (the LG Sunrise which was on sale over Christmas; it's now $60...) with some extra MicroSD memory was going to serve me better as a music player, and upgrade my phone to boot, so I can recommend that route.  :Thmbsup:

I can recommend that route
-Edvard (April 05, 2016, 11:01 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks.  I'll keep it in mind.  I think the next phone I get will either be an Obama Phone or something with some capabilities.  I need to have some screen and some web bandwidth and a decent camera/video hw.

I am going to try to find out more about this "free internet for everybody" stuff.  Although I said it jokingly to other street people that they should require an Associate's Degree before allowing someone to be homeless, it may come to fruition.  MDC is pushing for free two year college for everyone.  So if they do enforce my edict requiring an ASC. to live on the street I have the term already coined.  "Street Associates."   I cam see the joy spreading all over Miami.  Cowabunga!  I got my Street Associates today!  Now I can swill beer with a white shirt and tie!!!  :)

Edit:  My thinking is they may actually give people broadband and smart phones/tablets.  Since nobody below management level is working they need to give the stuff away(have government cover the cost) as an excuse to keep manufacturing stuff.   I hope it's at least 50 Mb/s on the down link.  :)

@Edvard it turns out this Clip player does have a Folder mode after all.  I think they stuck it on as a response to user suggestions.  It is not in the obvious location.  When going through options for audio books, then sport, all of a sudden the heading opens to Folders!  Bingo!  I can navigate to and click on the folder to play all the files contained therein.   :)

I wish it had a fuller sound.  Some of the files that sound fine on my old Philips MP3 player sound faint on this player at max volume.  But it weighs almost nothing so I must assume the main design consideration is to have a clip-on device that will not drag you down as you jog or work out or whatnot.

I will say in its favor that the FM tuner seems to do a better job of screening out the cross talk than the other players I have tried recently.  And it does not force you to automatically scan for presets.  You can individually add stations without losing those already saved.

Glad it turned out well for you.  Sansa has consistently put out some pretty good hardware, even though these latest ones aren't as full-featured as the earlier models.  As far as the sound, does your player have Replay Gain settings?  If so, and it is enabled, then try checking the Replay Gain numbers in your files using Mp3Gain:

Any quiet files you can crank up to about 96 or so without really noticeable clipping, and with this software it is undo-able if you don't like the results.

That's great.  Thanks for the link and info.   :Thmbsup:

Edit: In the case of this "healing chant" file I have, even though the volume setting for the player is on Very High and I have the volume all the way up, it is not enough to enjoy the sound.  So I downloaded MP3DirectCut to try upping the volume for the file itself.

It is weird how the Philips has so much more volume for file play with the max sound enabled.  It is only the size of a stick of gum and must be 7 or 8 model years old.  But c' est la vie.  :)


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