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Opera Browser being sold off


It was reported today that Opera is being sold to a Chinese technology group who plan to use it as a platform to promote their products.

Although Firefox remains my default browser, Opera is what I use most of the time for surfing and reading online. We'll see what the new owners do, but I'm not optimistic about the future.

Let's hope that Vivaldi gets its act together soon.

The companies behind the acquisition and a bit more on them:

Courtesy of GHacks.

I suspect there are still a number of people still using Opera 12.17, perhaps even earlier versions.
A security update for 12.17 was released a few days and for now is probably ok to install.
Hopefully it will resolve many of the intermittent secure handshake problems I've been seeing for quite a while.

But I was wondering, if Opera accepts the offer, what this implies for 12.17/18.
Seems like it would it be possible for the new owners to feed malicious updates to 12.18.
I'm not referring to a binary update though as that can be controlled, but more to stuff the browser might be retrieving from Opera servers.

A tragedy for me though if the sale happens -12.17 is still my browser of choice.

Time for me to uninstall it, I think


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