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Using the folder contents of a directory to auto fill an input window


This is a question i have often wondered if there is a proper way to manage.  Given that you have a folder with 20 or more sub-folders in it,each folder-name having no spaces:
When typing input into a query created using the "set /p" command is there a way to make the input field auto-fill the text to match the folder-names in the existing directory similar to how Outlook fills in the email address-field based on names in your contacts (or actually it now uses a special file for this purpose but the results are the same) . 
Each progressive key entered by the user would narrow down the displayed name until it either matched the name of a sub-folder that already existed or if not already there the script would proceed to ask "Create?  (Y)es  (N)o  with the default being NO.

From a purely DOS point of view ... unlikely.

Type in enough so that an entry is uniquely identifiable and then hit TAB and see if it auto-completes.

Otherwise, I suggest start using a simple PowerShell GUI with drop-down selector, for example.


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