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UnhackMe 7.90 [gotd]


About 15 and a half hours left if you wish to get UnhackMe 7.90 free from GOTD.

I have never used it.  Apparently it has expanded the things it looks for when scanning the system.


I have kinda felt that about six of these groups get together and chain their programs because this is another one and I have no idea what it does, or even what category to compare it to anything else.

Supposedly it is a rootkit detector.  The "feature creep" may be due to free rootkit detectors being available?  I don't know.  Just guessing.

But yeah, on VirusTotal there are so many scanners I never heard of that I refuse to start sending notices my stuff shows as a false positive.  Every time I knock one down I'm sure three more will pop up to take its place.   It's a time waster.  Especially since the person sending in a notice of a red flag in the VirusTotal list is determined to ignore the 45+ green flags.  It's so stupid.

For what it's worth, there are two more days for this lifetime giveaway:

Seems like program akin to what MalwareBytes does.


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