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Tomorrow only - 10th Feb - Copywhiz - 40% off on BitsDuJour



Hello Friends,

Our product Copywhiz is a time-saving & innovative file copy tool for Windows. With just few clicks it helps you pick selected files from several thousand files. Features include: Copy only new or modified files, copy files by file name/type/size, copy files to multiple folders, Exclude/include folders when copying files, pick files from different folders and copy all at once, auto rename duplicate files and many more.

Only Tomorrow - 10th Feb, it will be available on BitsDuJour for just $17.95 instead of $29.95 (40% off).

Also, next month we will be launching the new version of Copywhiz. Upgrades to the new version will be free to all customers who purchase from BitsDuJour tomorrow on 10th Feb.

For information on this BitsDuJour page.

Gautam Jain

Any information on what is new in the upcoming version 5.0?


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