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Open-sourcing fSekrit

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fSekrit is going opensource-f0dder
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Great news, thanks.  This is a great way to develop software that's going to be around in 10 - 20 years; the original BSD was born almost 38 years ago (3/9/1978) and no doubt some of the original code is still present.

License will be //TODO// - I'm leaning towards something permissive, though.-f0dder
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I know I don't have any reputation here but I'd like to argue on behalf of a license that specifically calls out patent usage, as patent law just gets weirder over the years.

* Infoworld has an article on why you might want to avoid older permissive licenses like BSD and MIT.
* For a more of a hands-on view, read the "Exclusions From License Grant" section of the OSL 3.0 and ask yourself: why is that section necessary?  It's because some programs under a very permissive license can still get patented in spite of the original author.
In terms of recommendations, the much of the reason for a version 3 of the GPL was wacky patent law stuff, but on the permissive side of course the lesser GPL (LGPL) and Apache 2.0 is loved by both huge companies and individuals.  Both are of course compatible with other GPL and Apache code, which may see your tools integrated or enhanced with other code.

Hope that helps.


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