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Calcupy! - your semantic desktop calculator

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Update: v0.0.3. Happy new etc.

Next step: Implement a Settings window.

FYI, here's the change log for my current to-be-released build of Calcupy! 0.1.0:

* Archive clean-up.
* Added the "as" conversion trigger word.
* Better formatting for currency conversion.
* Fixed a rarely (impossibly?) occurring syntax error.
* Fixed a potential freezing issue.
* Updated libraries.
* Added history tracking for the current application session.
* Added the "total" keyword.
* Fixed a problem where users could edit the output field.
* Added a link to Calcupy's website.
* Calcupy! has a new, still ugly icon, loosely resembling the old one.
--- End quote ---

The Settings window is held back while I work on the website for the first public version; of course, with a link back to DonationCoder even though you don't seem to care.  :P

Also, I found out that Mozilla is working on its own desktop application runtime based on Servo. I really do consider giving it a try when it's ready.


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