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Help: Utility to force set monitor/LCD refresh rate


Does anyone know of a utility to force a refresh rate? I would like my lcd monitor to stay at 60Hz and not not flip back to 59.9Hz.

All this started when I upgraded to a newer nvidia video card (and drivers because the old drivers wouldn't recognize the newer video card).

Basically whenever I am watching a video or playing a game, my monitor flickers briefly and displays 60.0Hz. Soon as I stop playing the video or game, it flickers briefly and displays 59.9Hz.

Discovered that whenever something uses the video card for anything other than displaying the desktop/browsing, the refresh change flicker happens. Really annoying. >:(

I have set the refresh rate to 60 under advanced settings of the display drivers but still flips back and forth based on the gpu usage.

Any ideas?

Could this be because of nVidia's G-Sync?

Any way to disable it and check?


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